Ethical- Responsible-Labrador breeder~ Darlynn

Darlynn A. Tracy-Oberg


What STARTED AS A HOBBY (back in 1986 / training my own dogs), quickly turned into my career, over 29 years ago in southern Maine, working with clients in their  homes...Soon, the local veterinary clinic (WVC) Wells Veterinary Clinic, approached me to conduct group training classes in conjunction with them . With the assistance of WVC, group classes began in Wells ME located in a small building, on the beach of all places!

Through time, I felt the need to give the business a  new name instead of simply using;

 Darlynn Tracy / CANINE COUNSELOR.

 THE RIGHT PAW Obedience School
arrived in central Massachusetts  around 1993. 

through the years my training consisted of Field Trial work, Agility, Obedience, Search & Rescue, Tracking, Confirmation, Earth Dog, Rally, Frisbee and more recently, Lure Coursing.  At one point I even created a stage performance  incorporating individual tricks put to music ‘Trouble with 'Amazing' Mandy (one of my first Labradors) and 'Calamity' Cliff (a well bred English Mastiff)... MANDY was a wonderful dog with a heart of gold and a temperament to match.  Though her confirmation left much to be desired. Lets just say its a good thing I didn't try to 'show' her back then as I would have been very disappointed and may not have tried to pursue any further within the 'Sport of purebred dogs'.  Choosing the OBEDIENCE ring FIRST was a good call, as I look back now...  The judges were kind and encouraging as were the other competitors. It was a great place to start my journey in the world of dogs.

Like many before me, I learned the hard way, what purchasing a 'back yard' bred dog entails...  Mandy struggled with physical ailments through out her life. Though backyard bred, she still  had the wonderful Labrador temperament.... What she may have lacked in looks (The classic English Labrador look),  were certainly made up for in HEART.  I loved her deeply... 

Through my love of this little dog, came the commitment to "Do things better, If ever I were to breed dogs"...

It took me many years along with several RESCUES, before I finally purchased my first health tested Labrador from a reputable Labrador breeder. (one of my obedience clients actually) My goal back then, and is to this day; 

Breed Healthy, Attractive dogs with wonderful temperaments! 

 Dogs that can 'work' yet be good house companions,

 dogs that can 'do it all' ... Proudly, I feel that is what I have done for the past 20 years.... There is a common saying within my peers, that I love and say often; "There's no reason to hunt behind an ugly dog."

My dogs are NOT BRED TO BE HUNTERS specifically, but they should have the instinct TO BE A GOOD HUNTER. 

BELHAVEN dogs have excelled as;  Assistance dogs, therapy dogs, competitive obedience dogs, gentleman hunters, and my personal favorite...loved companions for many a  'special' child and of course their families.

 My breeding dogs are certified through the OFA /Orthopedic Foundation Association) to include;

HIP, PATELLA, SHOULDER, ELBOW, HEART, even the HOCKS are evaluated through the OFA.

This is very important to me and should be very important to you !

 DNA testing for genetic markers proving they don't carry illnesses you don't want your puppy to have. Dogs are CLEARED FOR; EIC, PRA, DILUTE GENE, NARCOLEPSY, LONG COAT and more...

All breeding dogs are examined by a licensed Ophthalmologist and cleared of eye problems and CERF'd yearly. Ensuring the healthiest puppy I can provide for the new owners. All pups are health certified by a licensed veterinarian, given their first set of vaccinations and have been chipped for identification. Crate training has begun so to assist  in the housebreaking process when they go to their new homes. Pups are socialized, exposed to varied life experiences prior to 8 weeks of age. Temperament Testing occurs at 7 weeks of age.  All pups sold come with a contract. IF FOR ANY REASON owners can no longer care for their dog, dog is  TO BE RETURNED TO ME and is never to be placed in a shelter or a rescue. Most dogs are sold on a limited registration, keeping the breeding to the breeders, unless other arrangements have been made... for example a Co-Own agreement.

After application and approval for a Belhaven pup, there is a deposit requirement of $250.00 to reserve your puppy. You are then placed on our LIST. The total fee for one of our puppies /currently $2,500.00. 

 In my free time you may find me hiking the woods, kayaking, fishing or riding one of my horses on the trails of New England, or perhaps advising one of my puppy owners. My family has grown extensively since I began breeding and I am blessed to have these great people in my life! 

  I am the proud mother of three wonderful sons and the wife of an exceptional man... that loves me! (that is not always an 'easy' task) 

Candid photo Darlynn with 2 Belhaven Labradors~ Mildred & Pauli 
w/Co-Owned 'Caleb Doberman'~Sylvia.

Candid photo Darlynn with 2 Belhaven Labradors~ Mildred & Pauli w/Co-Owned 'Caleb Doberman'~Sylvia.